One Direction 30.05.14

To prove my experience in gigs I thought I'd start to just write up my blogs about some that I've been too, which I'm hoping will also attract more fans to my blog. So, to start off, I thought I'd go back, not as far as when I went to see Cher Lloyd but to my first, non-cringey (but still kind of cringey), concert that I went to in May 2014.

How did I end up there?

As I briefly explained in my first blog, I was that teenager, obsessing over the 5 boys. Posters covering my walls as I begged my parents and family members to get me concert tickets. Now, it took a long time to actually get tickets, but I wasn't too late, Zayn was still with the band when I saw them which is defiantly a bonus! It was the year that I turned 15, so my very generous friend had brought me tickets to go. If you're wondering yes I screamed and cried and thanked her daily.

The tour was set in stadiums so I knew my view wouldn't be close but it would be amazing, even though I was the third tier. However, our seats were right near the stage entrance (you'll find out why this is a good thing later on), and the date was May 30th 2014. Me and my friend Libby got a lift to the stadium by her parents, so we didn't have to pay for travel, but for someone who doesn't know Manchester very well, to try and navigate to get there was difficult and it was extremely busy.

Even thought we had seat tickets, we arrived at 1 in the afternoon.The stadium was next to a huge Asda shop and a McDonalds so we went and got lunch before getting merch and finding our gate. The merchandise was quite cheap, and they had plenty of it. I think me and my friend brought £120 worth of clothes and posters, which is more than enough! We took our Asda meal deals and we sat next to our gate for 6 hours, which was quite humorous because we were the only ones queuing for our block for about 5 hours, not that getting there early would make any difference.

PRO TIP: Getting to a venue early even if you're not standing is a good idea, it gives you the chance to wonder around, find out where tour buses are. Making friends with the security guards in your section is always a smart move too, they might be generous enough to let you know some info about the venue or the show. It also gives you time to get merch and even make friends with people in the queue, who might even offer to go halves on a pizza which is always a positive!

So, it was time to go into the stadium, 6pm doors open, and we sprinted to get into the block, to see the view we had. Have you ever seen a view that actually makes you feel dizzy, like that moment on TV shows and movies where the camera zooms in on one person and makes everything else blurry? Well that's what it feels like to sprint up to a third tier block in a football stadium. My head hurt, but the view just made me tear up, it honestly didn't feel real.

We found our seats and regardless of them being the highest, it actually had a view from backstage, we could see all the crew, and we even got to see 5 Seconds Of Summer walk up to the stage, even waved over to our direction a few times, I managed to get a photo of them walking up the steps near us. We could also see the tunnel that One Direction walked through before running onto the stage, which meant that we knew when the show was about to start. I'll attach photos of our view and you'll be able to notice the stairs and the tunnel in them, I'll attach a very zoomed in photo of 5sos walking up to the stage.

PRO TIP: You don't need the best ticket to get the best experience, if you cant afford standing and your concert is in a stadium, I'd recommend the sides near the stage, for backstage views, or if you can, near the back, the photos you'd be able to capture would be stunning! As long as you go with someone with a lot of energy, you're bound to still have a great time even if you're on the stands.

The whole night was incredible, apart from the agonising wait at the beginning. The support act, 5sos, were great, they got the crowd worked up and they performed extremely well. They have very good stage presence! One direction were amazing, the harmonies for little things would make your eyes water, and the finale song, best song ever made me feel so incredible luck to be in that moment with a stadium of fans.

The show was filled with some humour, a classic Wonderwall sing-along and some fireworks to end the night. As soon as I saw the light on the tunnel backstage turn on and the boys sprint off stage I knew me and my friend needed to run outside to see them leave. Unfortunately, they had no way of sticking around to take photos or sign anything, I mean there was thousands of us, but we managed to see them all leave in the car, or so I believe.

We then left the crowd of people waiting and joined the pack of us that headed straight to McDonalds, the drive thru and the traffic outside the stadium was horrendous, and it took about an hour just to get out, but I mean we cant complain, we had a 4 hour sleep on the way back to Swindon.

The concert was incredible, the venue was insane and the view of the crowds was a scene I'll never forget. One Direction is defiantly a band that can perform live, they have pitch perfect harmonies, and songs that make you just want to dance along until your feet hurt, even if you're near the top of the stadium. I would recommend a one direction concert to anyone, if they were touring again obviously. The stadium (The Etihad), had a fast food place and a supermarket just over the road however its difficult to park/find out where you're meant to drop off. The view inside the stadium was unforgettable and regardless of the bad traffic and bad directions, everything else was perfect. I'd love to go back there for a concert one day!
Our view of the crowd, stage and the backstage area.

My very zoomed in image of 5sos walking on stage. (Micheal, Calum, Luke and Ashton) 

The crowd just before the support act


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