5 Seconds Of Summer 01.07.14

To start off, I'm not sure if you would class this as a proper gig, but it was a small acoustic show for some fans who entered a competition, so I thought I'd blog about it anyway. Now, at the time 5sos were touring with One direction so their fanbase was growing rapidly. I never thought I would actually win the chance to meet them, but, when I stood at the bus stop in my town reading the email to my mum on the phone I knew this was going to be an amazing experience for me. Not only did I win the chance to get their album signed but I won entry to their acoustic gig beforehand too! 

This was the first time I had ever seen them perform without being a suport act, the whole thing was acoustic so I had the chance to hear some stripped back songs and with such a small crowd we all got very intimate and were joking around between the songs too. Previously, I had gone to try and meet the boys at their first ep signing in Reading, but I didn't have a ticket so we joined the group on the side who just waited and watched everyone else get to meet and interact witht them, so, I was already a very determined fan by this point, but I had never been able to listen to them joke around or talk about their songs the way I did that day.

So, I travelled to London with my friend, Libby, and even though she didn't get a ticket to go in and meet the boys, I took her album in with me to try and get it signed, (Which we weren't allowed to do but instead I got micheal to say something on a recording I made during meeting them!). London was easy for us to get to because we would always go there and go off on our own, exploring the city! When we got to the shop, the street was already starting to flood up, so we raced to join the queue as quick as possible. Whiles waiting we met loads of fans who didn't win the chance to meet the boys, but they had all come to try and get something signed. I grabbed some bags and gifts from people who didn't have tickets and I took them in with me to hand to the boys because the street was way too blocked already, and I didn't think they would come out to meet fans afterwards.

Soon after we all said our goodbyes and arranged to meet afterwards, as I was in the first group of people to go into the room. There wasn't many fans in the crowd, 100-150 at most I'd say! I was at the barrier next to the stage which was just on the walkway next to all the camera crew and the entrance for the band, so I was within arms reach of them as they walked past!

The venue, if you want to call it that, was very small but perfect for the performance, and of course I didnt even have to pay a single penny towards it. The whole performance was filmed and put on youtube, which I'll link at the bottom for anyone who wants to check them out, this is always a really nice thing, many gigs I've been to have been recorded and its always fun to try and spot yourself in the crowd the next day. 

They performed a few songs and left soon afer, where they went straight to the table to start signing some albums. I won't review the whole day but regarding the performance, this is the first time I think I was truly hooked on 5sos, and I have been a fan for the last 3 years and counting and I'll be reviewing many more of their gigs but for this one I can't really say anything bad about it, but HMV are a very good shop to keep checking up on, they do a lot of fan signings and offer competitions to win. I have an account with them and get emails about their latest competitions and general updates about their items instore. Most bands when they first start out will probably announce some hangouts or even when the artist(s) release their first album they might annouce a signing for that too. Hmv are very good for doing signings with bands especially, so I'd definatly keep an eye on their social media and website! 

Performance wise, 5sos are, and always will be one of my top 5 artists to see live. They had good stage presence, they interacted as much as they could, and they performed requested songs too. Their songs are very catchy, and they perform them very well. I'll link underneath the HMV recordings of the songs they performed, feel free to check the out! I also added some photos from my day under the links.

HMV Official recordings:

PRO TIP: Always keep up to date with the social media of artists you'd like to meet, try and win competitions for gig/signing tickets even after they are sold out, many radio stations will give away certain tickets and HMV is very good if you like new and uprising bands, they usually host a lot of signings in many different locations!

My view from the barrier.

Me with some fans I already knew and met on the day!
The signed album, that, till this day still hasn't been played.


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