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There's something that sparks inside me when I'm among a pit of strangers, screaming and jumping along to live music. Something not everyone around me understands. My first ever gig experience was in 2012 when I saw Cher Lloyd, don't judge me I was 13,and I've been attached to the idea of seeing bands live ever since. I'd go just for the sake of going, to be there in that moment.

After my cringe worthy first concert experience, I've been able to go to a few more. Starting with my obsession, and trust me I mean obsession, with One Direction, I've progressed onto other bands and their influences, which leaves me with a very diverse taste in music. Since those days, I've discovered so many new artists and bands, who I adore, and I've even been able to see a few of them live! Furthermore, I've decided this year will be a big one for me. I'm going to be pushing myself, and my bank balance, to take me to as many different venues and gigs as possible (whiles going around my work schedule too). I want to blog about the best artists to see live, to call out the ones who really aren't as talented as magazines tell us they are, to rating venues. I also want to include little help blogs about buying tickets and different ways to experience a concert.

Why I've waited this long would be a good question to ask me, however, I'm a 17 year old, working as a waitress on a 0 hour contract. Trust me, its been difficult to keep up with the debts I owe for concerts, but I work hard for them. In 2014 I had the opportunity to meet a few bands and win numerous gig experiences, all of which I spent with my school friend Liberty. This is where my "addiction" began. After travelling to different cities and even camping out for the first time, I realised I'm actually in love with going to concerts, and more for just the chance to see the artist(s) live.

If you would've asked me 6 months ago what the best experience would be or a concert, I would've said barrier, every time. However, that's not exactly realistic. Especially if you have to travel to venues/other cities. I've been lucky enough to experience a variety of different concerts, from VIP packages to sitting at the back and arriving just before the gig starts. So, considering 2017 is the year I'm going to push myself I thought I'd record it.

Going to a concert is different every time, and as much as you can imagine, it might not always turn out the way you expect. Quite honestly, its not always an option. So to assure you on how I think you need to get though having your own way at a concert, I'm going to be blogging my year. To tell you how I get through things, after all if I can experience what I would describe as the perfect gig then why wouldn't I want to share that with you?

Stick around, this year should be a good one. If you'd like me to review a certain band, artist, or venue please don't hesitate to get in touch!


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